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-nomics is working. and also jacki schechner is highly suggestible and perhaps a hypochondriac. >> i am leaking news fluid. >> stephanie: she called me and she's like >> good morning. she needs slide whistles. >> you are not far off. >> stephanie: there you go. >> jacki schechner. >> stephanie: good morning little sickly. >> good morning, everybody. good numbers for the president today. the unemployment rate is down to 7.7%, and the president's approval ratings are up a three-year high. the president's at 53% of people liking the job that he is doing. apgfk poll also has him up at 57%. this is all good news as the president continues to negotiate to stop us from going over the fiscal cliff. vice president biden picks up the road show today. he is having lunch with some people but where and exactly with whom has yet to be made public. it has gotten more than a hundred thousand stories from people talking about how the tax incries would affect their families. there is a second round of advertisements today pushing lawmakers to not just make a deal, but to make a deal that protects
[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: hello, current tv land. look who we have in studio. it's jacki schechner on no-pants friday. >> pants-free friday. get it right. >> stephanie: she started with help me. >> i'm having all sorts of technical problems. [♪ mysterious music ♪] >> stephanie: oh look who is here right on time as usual, it's jim ward. the good news is thank god we don't need a journalistic goddess, the guy who owns the show sent us the news yesterday that susan rice withdrew. [ laughter ] >> if only we had a tv. >> stephanie: right or computers. here she is news goddess jacki schechner. >> secretary of defense has authorized deployment of 400 troops to man the turkey syria border. they are emphasizing this is only a defensive mission. susan rice will meet with president obama at the white house today. he has already accepted her withdraw for consideration to replace hillary clinton. she is a fighter but not at the cost of what is right with the country. the president praised her strength of character, and called the attacks on her in recent wee
on her list. how do we get this project done? jackie spear a strong advocate for this project. you have three great champions, and i will also tell you that in working with senator boxer on the transportation bill this project was always at the top of her list. [applause] so i am delighted to be here. i don't know of another place i would rather be, and i know that all of you are so thrilled with the opportunity that this will create. every one of you sitting out there deserves credit. you've all played a role in this in some way or another. this is not about you. it's about the people. it's also about the next generation of transportation for the next generation for san francisco. that's what this is about. this is your vision. it's a clear vision, and so i am delighted, and very proud to announce today $942 million to the san francisco -- [applause] for the san francisco mta to extend the central subway light rail system from the downtown business district to chinatown. thousands of people will be enabled with good transportation as a result of this project. now, i have a long s
much mayor lee, leader pelosi, jackie spear, david chiu. most importantly i think the finest secretary of transportation we have had, and nancy said what he has done for san francisco. i can tell you this is a secretary for california as well. [applause] whether it's riverside county, whether it's los angeles, whether it's the central valley, whether it's the san francisco bay area secretary lahood has been responsible. he's been available for phone calls. he's listened to the reasons for projects and he has moved ahead. would you give him a big round of applause please. [applause] >> well, it's time to say a prayer. it's bottom of the ninth. they have two on and one out, so everybody -- if the giants win this i think they can win the series but they need to win this so let it happen please. i can't tell you how important i feel this project is. i also can't tell you how hard it is to build anything in san francisco, so this project must move ahead. i think commerce depends on it and i think people depend on it. nancy said it very well but let me just say what the ridership is
in the world except for you jacki she's a psychologist in the prison system to talk about the mental health aspect of this. jacki schechner and i went to spinning friday because when the news broke when we were here -- that's a testament to the way we are. people think oh, another shooting. it is probably no big deal. by the time we got out of spinning we realized what it was. >> it was extraordinary because we had reported it first that it was just a gunman. we thought he was the only fatality. we got out of class -- i got in the car turned on the radio and stephanie called me at exactly the same time and said are you listening to? it went from one dead gunman to 20 children. >> stephanie: lots to talk about this morning. my other bff in the current news center jacki schechner. >> we're going to talk sandy hook in a moment. a quick political note. we do have some other news that south carolina governor nikki haley is going to announce who she would like to replace senator jim demint coming today. jim demint is
[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: good morning current tv world. jacki schechner and i have question for the all of you. are any of the rest of you in truples? it's like a couple only with three people. i actually have to confess i'm in three truples. >> you are cheating on me already? >> stephanie: yes. >> who is your third truples? >> stephanie: robin. >> oh. >> stephanie: it's also known has third wheel, and i'm the single-loser side kick. here she is my bff in the current news center. >> good morning, the house is scheduled to vote today on plan b which is john boehner's opportunity to extend the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. but harry reid promises to block it in it gets through the senate. >> obama: they keep on finding ways to say no as opposed to finding ways to say yes. >> vice president biden has a busy schedule. first this morning he is delivering remarks as the late senator's body is delivered to the capitol rotunda. vice president biden will begin work on the new task force. he'll meet with law enforcement officers across the
often to enact one. here jackie hilly and sam seder, host of ring of fire, welcome both of you to the show. jackie, let me start with you. it seems with unfortunate frequency we have this conversation after strategies like this. let's get the assault weapons ban in first place. do you think it will happen, and even if we do, is it enough? >> yes, i think it will happen, and the answer to the second question no, it is not enough. as to the first issue. i think having an assault weapons ban at this time everybody should know these are military weapons. they don't belong in civilian hands. they were designed for rapid fire killing as many people as possible. frankly, it defyies belief that we should believe that they belong in civilian hands. >> eliot: sam, are we in a moment where we have defined expectations down so far? as jackie said we'll get some form of an assaults weapon ban reuped, the one that was expired in 2004, we'll pat ourselves on the back but that is setting the bar so low. >> yeah, it does set the barlow. one of the basically ceiling stops around the supreme cour
jackie c. both released statements that said the lines of communication remain open. is there anything to read between the lines there, dana? >> chris, it's very heartwarming. but the fact of the matter is eve fn the speaker and the president are cuddling in the lincoln bedroom that's not going to get us a deal unless their stars are able to hammer something out. there have been no indications that they have been able to do so. so while certainly you'd want these guys to be meeting preferably more than once every three weeks as has been the case, i wouldn't take this as a sign that suddenly everything has turned around. we're probably no different place than we were yesterday. >> if you listen to bob corker, republicans know they have to give on taxes. so i guess, jackie, the key question is, what are the real options here? i mean, i suppose the house could pass the senate bill that extends tax cuts for 98% of americans, leave everything else until january. and use the debt ceiling as leverage. they could try to get some kind of deal on entitlement reform. maybe raising the age for med
to be the liberal orgasm of a lifetime. chris, jim, and jacki, and then two huge celebrity guests on panel. i'll call you during the break. here she is with news jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody. the obamas are giving their first joint interview since the election today. it is going to be with barbara walters. the president is going to sit down by himself first and then michelle will join them. afterwards the obamas and dog bo will give a tour of the white house. hundreds of people are already gathering at the state capital in lancing, michigan as the city prepares for what could be the largest demonstration in history. the legislature has now rushed through right to work legislation, and governor rick snyder is expected to sign it today. police are on hand and limbed the number of people allowed in the common areas of the capitol. president obama said the right to work bill is not about economics and has everything to do with politics. taxpayers have now made a total of about $22.7 billion overall from the government's investment in the bank rescue. aig is n
are and pacifica moderate monetary extremely high tides. we will speak with jackie sissel and find out where you may be expecting some flooding coming up. >> here's a live look at the golden gate bridge, scattered showers right now let's find out where it is falling. good morning erica >> good morning scattered pop up showers around bay area. not so much on the coastline anymore and has pushed its way east. i was a man as it is raining in your neighborhood. it is starting to dry out for san rafael however the reds in san revell bridge is picking up some light showers. you will need to use your windshield wipers. in the east shore freeway it is reading richmond on the berkeley but all is good at the bay bridge toll plaza. the peninsula has light rain for the bayshore freeway palo alto redwood city currently dry for a sunnyvale and cupertino. the zooming in on the south bay, light rain on highway 1 01. right around 87 dry with extra caution. i don't think flooding on the roadways will be that big of a concern because this is not a very moist system. it is bringing a lot of " cool air into the bay
es el momento de celebrar y para saber del tiempo en la ante sala de la navidad, ya estÁ lista jackie guerrido. >>> adelante jackie. >>> asÍ es, a celebrar seÑores navidad que feliz navidad van a tener mucho de ustedes, muy buenas noticias van contar con una blanca navidad son las noticias existe un 30% para todo el noroeste del paÍs por el momento van a tener que lidiar con fuerte tormenta que deja acumulados fuertes vientos condiciones casi imposibles para manejar mÁs de 92 vuelos se cancelaron en chicago, pero ahora toda esta energÍa pues estÁ perjudicando a ustedes en detroit, bÚfalo en el oeste de virginia todo new england y el sur oeste del paÍs este mismo sistema que el es frontal se extendiÓ hasta el sur permitiendo que bajen temperaturas en el sur de la florida miami con mÍnimas en 40 grados y sÉ que para ustedes es muchos en el norte son temperaturas agradables pero para nosotros aquÍ en el sur seÑores aunque no lo crea son condiciones para bufanda y guantes por el momento no no hay retraso en aeropuertos si sobre san francisco por aquÍ fuerte actividad de lluv
and the car has to go slower and slower. when jackie smiles and waves they surged even more enthusiastically to the car. suddenly they are out of the main area and they turn into a very empty area, a grassy plaza and as they do there's a shark cracking sound. people thought was a firecracker backfiring or motorcycle, but john connally knows what it is. yarborough did not know any instance. he hears the noise and what happened in his report, very tight thumb, statement of rufus youngblood, the chief concerning details of the events occurring in dallas on nov. 20 second. the testimony also before the warren commission. and in kennedy's car which is two cars ahead, he sees what he calls in his report, not mold -- normal movements. the president is tilting to the left. we know now the poignant tragic reason he was tilting to the left is although he was hit by one shot he couldn't fall down, president kennedy had this terribly bad back and he wore a heavy coat and where there was a long hard day for additional protection, wrapped around his legs and his waist a bandage and the figure reconfigurat
online at least for now. that yelp review has already been taken down. jackie bensen will have reaction on news4 at 5:00. guys, back to you. >>> yesterday it felt a bit like spring. freezing temperatures are now rolling in. >> storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson tells us when to expect the big chill. veronica? >> real, real soon. so get those coats ready, guys. take a look, did you have any showers in your neighborhood this morning? because here's what the radar looked like at 5:00 a.m. right on the money, like we said yesterday. that front came through our area. it brought just a few light showers. then we got sunshine in here very quickly. sunshine, but cold. and also some gusty winds. the temperatures throughout the area right now as we head into bowie, maryland, 57 degrees right now. over the fairfax county, coming in at 54 degrees. look at that. gusty winds. we're seeing wind gusts around 20, and just over 20 miles per hour to the north and west. we've got the subfreezing morning to talk about, and now a little hiccup in our weekend weather. so what could that do to your pl
. >> he will be on the phobe this hour! how about that, jacki? >> very exciting. just repeated the one line i knew. he lives in a pineapple under the sea. >> stephanie: i got you sexy liberal man meat hal sparks in hour number three. even more exciting for political geeks like me, representative tim wall. putting forth the petition for the middle class tax cuts in the house. >> like that. >> stephanie: a little something for everybody this morning. here she is, jacki schechner for everybody. in the current news center. >> good morning, everybody! president obama is meeting with business leaders again today to talk about the consequences of going over the fiscal cliff. he's also claiming to call on congressional leaders to make sure we raise the debt ceiling without contention. the white house making the case that extending the bush tax cuts for the middle class is directly connected to the health of our businesses. companies need to know consumers will be able to spend and in his first post-election interview pr
.com among other fabulous treats. jacki schechner you know what the silver lining for me in the republican pounding in the election, is their repeated attempts to reach out to the women folk. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: somebody in the republican party pointed out that mitt romney won white women. so that's proof that they don't have a chick problem. >> is that true? >> stephanie: yeah six points worse among -- what do you call -- romney's performance among white women was six points worse than among white men. but he technically did win white women. >> not this white woman. not the white woman i speak with. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: yes, the president won women by double digits. but, yes, the white women apparently love that mittens. >> hum. >> stephanie: here she is in the current news jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody. the president and vice president are scheduled to meet with state governors at the white house today just after 10:00 am eastern to talk about ways to balance the budget then at 12:30 the president's first post-election interrue. anticipate pl
this so jacki schechner doesn't feel bad about her head cold. because we're a morning zoo. [♪ circus music ♪] >> that's exactly how i feel. >> stephanie: i know. >> it's pathetic. i never get sick and all of a sudden -- >> stephanie: thank you for your picture of your cat as your nurse yesterday. >> that's funny. >> she was making the chicken soup. >> yeah it was cute. she had her little paw up on the table, and i had my tissues and liquids, and it was like can i get you anything else? >> stephanie: she liked like a maitre d'. >> she needed a nurse's hat. >> i just second those pictures to my friends that won't judge me. >> stephanie: i still judge you. here she is jacki schechner in the current news. >> mitch mcconnell left a whole log of egg on his face this morning after trying to trip up the democrats and having his strategy backfire. he pushed for a vote on the bill that would let the president raise the debt ceiling limit without congressional approval. only two-thirds of both chambers would be able to stop the president. he thought if he could force a vote
. >> they probably do. >> there goes jacki hitting the pages of news busters. >> stephanie: here she is the incredibly biased, jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody. the governor has signed the law that makes gay marriage legal. close to 54% of voters in november backed the ballot measure that reaffirmed a state law that passed earlier this year, the first offices opened at 12:01 am and in two counties they are starting to issue licenses. by 10:00 pm dozens of couples were already lined up. the state has a three-day waiting period. same-sex couples who were married in another state do not have to say their vows again. couples in maryland also can start getting their licenses today, but the date on the licenses will be january 1st. the law in maine will kick in december 29th. also today in washington state anyone 21 and over can carry up to an ounce of marijuana. but cannot smoke it. it is unclear how federal authorities will deal with the decriminalization of weed. tonight is the lighting of the national christmas tree, the president and the first family
luego de aÑos de silencio quÉ linda, se une jackie guerrido con el segmento del tiempo. >>> sÍ, pamela, la lluvia tienen a mucho hasta el cuello, pero no todo es mala noticia, vengo con buenas para el fin de semana, y mande comentarios a twitter, somos seguidoras de muchos de ustedes, escribanos los se redujo la tasa de desempleo en el pais pero no entre los hispanos.da declaraciones la familia de publicista asesinado brutalmente en puerto rico.habla con univision la madre de george zimmerman, acusado de la muerte de un joven de la raza negra en florida.buenas tardes, les habla maria elena salinas.el desempleo en el pais bajo de un 7,9 a un 7,7 por ciento pero se mantuvo inalterable en un 10 por ciento para los hispanos. niegan que el asesinato del publicistata puertoriqueqo jose enrique gomez se haya cometido porque solicitaba favores madre y el hermano de george zimmeran explican en entrevista exclusiva con univision que george se defendio para salvar su vida y dicen que no son racistas.mas en noticiero univision. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> unos artistas de miami, unieron esfuerz
with moody's chief economist mark zandy, jackie comes of the "new york times" and cnn's dana bash. i'm candy crowley and this is "state of the union." >>> politically the speaker is playing with a weaker hand that the president, the pressure is higher on him and his critics are harder too. >> the republican party's finished. >> he is selling out our children right now with these massive tax increases and that's a starting bid. he's saying here $800 billion now will you sit down with us, obama? >> twistill with the votes get counted in his caucus of republicans, boehner seems to have more room to maneuver than he did in preelection face-offs over political matters. even if the republican speaker gets a deal, can he get it passed? joining me now, republican congressman tom cole of oklahoma and marsha blackburn of tennessee, thank you both so much for joining us, that's really the key question, we keep saying they'll get a deal, they'll get something. it doesn't matter whether the two of them get a deal, it matter also the speaker haas the house votes to vote for it. how free a hand do you thin
and a green beret are looking for a suspect and greenbraea... jackie ? >> i can tell you that what started out as a suspected drunken driver is now a search and rescue in corata deathmadera and the ross police chief they pulled over a suspected drunk driver and as they talked to him, they started talking to him. he bolted away, jumped a fence, and he went into the creek. it is quite swollen with the amount of rainfall. at that point, they had the flashlights and watched him. they had him and that they lost sight. however, it is now turning into research and rescue. they have even brought out the southern marin county water rescue unit they do not know if he is still in the creek, or if he got out, or if he drowned. this search will continue, and obviously, what a initially was a suspected d.u.i. >> it looks like that part of that lane or road has been lost? >> it looks like it is not impacting traffic right now. >> thank you. >> the 49ers are fresh off a monster game against the patriots. russell wilson threw for a touchdown. led by the crowd, the seattle seahawks clenched the spot in the play
. jackie bensen is live at the fairfax county courthouse to tell us what happened in court today. >> reporter: wendy, the judge ruled that jane perez can post about her home repairs all she wants. but she cannot imply that her contractor stole from her. >> series of them. she had testified about problems. >> reporter: attorney james bacon displayed page after page of what his client claims were botched repairs at her fairfax county townhouse in the summer of 2011. they include this toilet seal, this door hinge, what are said to be numerous bits of hair and dirt in a refinished floor. damaged window sills and trash left behind. jane perez posted negative reviews about contractor christopher deets on yelp and angie's list. she also stated that some of her jewelry went missing, and that deets is the only other person with a key to her house. deets took her to court saying the review damaged his business. >> people have the right to write a review that is honest and truthful. if it's negative but it's true, that's fair. but when it's negative and untrue, that's not fair. >> reporter:
at an apartment building near dixon st and vale this ave this morning. we are live on the scene with jackie sissel who has the very latest on the investigation. >> the flames are out at this point. investigators from the hayward fire department are going back inside of the is burned out apartment unit relatively stone to start their investigation. they said the fire at flea started around 4:00 a.m., that is when they got the call. they add to this multi unit apartment complex and found one unit completely engulfed. this is a two-story apartment complex and the unit was burning on both the upper and lower floors. they were sold at 2 people were inside, a mother and son. they were not able to evacuate without any injuries. the firefighters put out the flames relatively quickly and they put them out before they spread to other units in the complex. hopewell we're being told of the in the next doors of the one that was be that was completely burned there were four people inside that had to be evacuated. they're calling this potentially melissa's fire. -- malicious fire all and all we're talking six pe
bridge. light wind but cold. 32 degrees novato and 56 later. >> welcome back it is cold out there. jackie jackie sissel is in san rafael come it is for degrees below freezing. and it is 4 de--- four degrees below the freezing mark in dublin, you are going to need to scrape your windshield. we are not even at the coldest part of the morning but we are well below freezing >> yes, that is the unfortunate truth. they could drop a few more degrees at the we could get the latest from erica. >> good morning, james fa 50s for this afternoon i am surprised if there was not a freeze morning or defrost advisory. the east bay interior valleys, 28 in fairfield. concord, 29 very similar to yesterday the only difference is that it is not that cold to the heart of the bay. 44 and other areas, and it just depends on where you are. not that bad a latethe big story is the light rain is in a regatta. and a lot of clubs associated in the year rica. you recall ...we could see rain in eureka.... the rain chance this will continue to out of the day on friday. wet weather will stick around. in fact by saturday, m
hal sparks in hour number three today. here's what i know about my bff jacki schechner. she's always perfect in every way. melissa fitzgerald and jacki and i have a thing. you send me ambien texts. it is a thing. melissa's are all misspelled. jacki sent one yesterday spelled with perfect grammar. what does it take to get you to loosen up, jacki schechner? >> i think you've seen me loosen up from time to time. i think jim and chris have seen it too. >> oh, yeah, you're fun when you're loosened up. >> stephanie: let's just go with fun! [ laughter ] here she is. perfectly compose and coifed, jacki schechner. >> "time" magazine has named president obama its person of the year. "time" points out the president has weathered four of the most challenging years in our nation's history and he still has the opportunity to leave office in four years with an enviable legacy. also in consideration for that honor were molalla the teenage girl who spoke out against the taliban in pakistan. apple ceo tim cook. egyptian
a tough run due to a apartment fire. jackie sizzle is on the same period >> the holes line is still out. fire officials are still out here. the good news is that nobody was hurt in this early morning fire. a fire broke got an multiple units on the 100 block of brought the street. we're being told that everyone was able to get out relatively quickly but the fire went to a second area where they were able to put it out quickly. one firefighter was treated for smoke. 28 residents inside of this apartment building have been evacuated and are out on the street. 14 adults, and 14 children are being serviced by the red cross. nobody inside the apartment building was injured given the very early morning of the fire. muni will be shut down for while and is still will remain not running. that will not open this until they get this goes out. >> and we are monitoring this hearing and in washington. the chairman of the senate foreign relations committed senator john kerry who will most likely be the next secretary of state says that mistakes were made at the state department in the deadly september
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: oh, good monday morning tv world. jacki schechner, what did you do this weekend? >> i hung out with you. what did you do this weekend? >> stephanie: i hung out with you. >> that's adorable. >> stephanie: she can confirm i had a little party. few folks over including the fabulous jacki schechner. i don't think i've had a party where i don't go to bed before people leave. >> she excuses herself and goes to sleep. >> i've seen that many, many times. i'm like good night everybody. good night syracuse. >> she dropped out a bottle of wine. said feel free to entertain yourselves and went to bed. >> stephanie: i plunked a bottle of wine down in front of jacki. have fun. i'll see you later! i'm clearly not that popular. no one cares. anyway -- >> i can put another log on the fire. i'm going to bed. >> stephanie: exactly. here she is in the current news center. she's a lot younger than i am. she's pluckier, like an energizer bunny. >> stop that. >> stephanie: here she is. >
hannity last night, jacki, because when i came in chris was like i can't talk to your right now, because i'm wading through your sea full of email. >> yeah o'reilly attacked me once and i got flooded with so many well wishes. >> stephanie: some of these are fbi worthy so we'll put that in a separate pack. >> okay. are you going to stay at my house over the weekend? >> stephanie: i don't know. i wouldn't want to bring you in to harm's way my bff. i love this boner not so much about the compromising. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i'm sure jacki will give us all of the latest from behind the bullet-proof plexiglas. >> the white house is asking congress for $64 billion for emergency aide to help states rebuild in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. they will take a vote on it today, but republicans are pursuing a much slower give the money as it is needed approach. the states will spend about $9 billion in 2013 and the rest will be divided fairly evenly over the last two years. last night's 1212 benefit concert raised money for poverty in the area. and while congress
novedoso procedimiento, promete rejuvenecer las orejas. >>> y jackie guerrido con un avance del segmendel to del tiempo. >>> gracias amigos, hay tornados, lluvias y fotos maravillosas de la madre tierra, mande comentarios a twitter "primer impacto", esperamos lo que tiene que decir y regresamos reportan un millon menos de indocumentadosdetienen en guatemala a john mcafeekate middleton sale del hospital buenas tardes, les habla maria elena salinasel centro hispano pew revelo que entre 2007 y 2011 se registro un millon de indocumentados menos en estados cifra se estima ahora en 11 millones. las autoridades de guatemala detuvieron al empresario cibernetico estadounidense john mcafee por ingresar de forma ilegal a ese pais, donde pretende pedir asilo.y la duquesa de cambridge, kate middleton salio hoy de un hospital britanico donde la atendieron por mareos y vomitos a causa de su embarazo. mas en esta tarde en noticiero univision. ♪. ♪. >>> bueno, aquÍ en "primer impacto", pusimos al descubierto el nuevo negocio de vender seguidores en redes sociales, quisimos investigar quÉ p
de una estrella, le preguntamos si se trata de jenni rivera. >>> ya nos acompaÑa jackie. >>> ya tenemos las imÁgenes de un choque en cadena. y le diremos las condiciones del tiempo para el resto de la semana. esperamos sus comentarios advierten a los venezolanos que deben prepararse para dias dificilestestimonios de niqa con leucemia sacada del hospital por su madreque tal, les habla maria elena salinas. el vicepresidente de venezuela nicolas maduro hablo hoy a los venezolanos sobre el estado actual de salud de hugo chavez emily bracamontes, la niqa que fue sacada por su madre de un hospital en arizona para recibir atencion medica en mexico, hablo hoy con univision y dijo que se siente bien.esta tarde tendremos sus declaraciones.mas esta tarde m8 ♪. >>> estamos de regreso en primer impacto, el rescate a continuación es quizás el más conmovedor que hemos visto en el programa, les recomendamso abrir de par en par su corazón, desde los Ángeles la información. >>> para algunos las masctoas son ángeles, precisamente en los Ángeles tienen una fundación que rescata animales
, su hermana rosie y su propia hija, jackie. >>> porque, mamá no importa lo que pasa. >>> cantaron alabanzas en búsqueda de un consuelo por la dura pérdida, uno de los momentos más dramáticos es cuando su hija se desplomó ,mientras entonaban una canción que jenni rivera había dejado grabada, hasta su madre se resquebrajó y el ser que le dio la vida se dejó llevar por el dolor, se llevó las manos al pecho y al rostro, después todos unidos, se fundieron en un abrazo pedro, rosie, jenny, para dar el último adiós. >>> el caos fue cuando salió la madre y los periodistas quisieron entrevistr la, después que decifr que no daría entrevista, se denotó una trifulca, una seguidora proclamaba que la artista seguía viva. >>> tambiÉn había caos en los Ángeles, porque un camarógrafo fue atropellado por los desesperados esfuerzos, la llanta de un auto conducido por el hijo mayor de la cantante le pasó por encima de unpie a un reportero gráfica. >>> tiene que ser difícil, pero resignarse a la pérdida es lo único que le queda a la familia de jenni rivera, después de ser i
ustedes al estudio. ( ♪ mÚsica♪) >>> gracias vero, estÁ con nosotros jackie guerrido para decirnos cÓmo estarÁ el tiempo >>> jackie una tormenta azota a gran parte del paÍs, cuÉntanos? >>> asÍ es, no es se asusten, estas imÁgenes no son del fundo del mundo, si no una imagen del satÉlite de la nasa, que cubre una potente tormenta al oeste de la naciÓn, miles de personas sin el servicio elÉctrico y hay accidente nuest accidentes en cadena, lo mÁs fuerte de esta tormenta invernal se siente a 6 a 10 de la noche. y la muerfuerte actividad de ni rÁfagass de vientos de 60 millas por horas, hablamos de todo el sureste, este paso es frontal que provoca un gran descenso de las temperaturas, este descenso de las temperaturas llega a la florida, tenemos el panorama y todos los ingredientes suficientes para que se sienta fuerte esta tormenta invernal hacÍa todo el noreste, bueno mucha precauciÓn y tambiÉn provoca retrasos fuertes en el aeropuerto de chicago, continuamos con mÁs de "primer impacto" . >>> muchas paciencia en los aeropuertos gracias jackie por esta informaciÓn >>> mÁs a
to get their paperwork together this weekend. an important deadline is next week. jackie deangelis live with that story and more for us this morning. jackie, how are you doing? >> good morning, aaron. millions of homeowners in foreclosure in 2009 and 2010 could miss out on the chance to have their cases reviewed for possible errors and compensation if they don't act by monday. now, that's the deadline for people to request a free review as part of a settlement reached last year between u.s. regulators and 14 mortgage companies. the deadline has been extended three times due to poor response. more than 4 million notices were mailed out, but only 356,000 homeowners have asked for a review. compensation could run as high as $100,000. you can submit a request at independent foreclosure >>> also investors getting a fresh snapshot on the housing sector today. a report on pending home sales is at 10:00 a.m. the forecast arrives more than 1% last month after surging 5% in october. it's the latest piece of data suggesting that the housing market is healing. new home sales rose at the
road and southern avenue. news4's jackie bensen is at a gas station in northeast where a woman may have been robbed by the tame suspects moments before the crash. >> reporter: police do believe that is the case. the woman was robs of her purse here at this bp gas station. she said something to him to the effect of justice is going to catch up with you. it did, and she was there to see it. >> i'm okay now. i just thank god he didn't hurt me. >> >> reporter: when sharon gardner saw this maxima, it was speeding away from the bb gas station, with the man who would just stolen her purse in the backseat. >> i was in between vacuuming my car out, i was going from my driver's side to my passenger side. by the time i got to the trunk of my truck, he had immediately hurried up and took my pocketbook. i had it on the floor. i had it covered up. >> reporter: someone had jotted down the tag number. gardner called the cops. while the responding officer wall street still at the scene, the radio crackled with news, the speeding nissan struck this chevrolet, barely missing a b i woman pushing a baby str
of workers at u.s. ports are preparing to strike. jackie deangelis live with that story and more. jackie? >> good morning, aaron. time is running short to avoid a possible strike this weekend at more than a dozen east and gulf coast ports stretching from maine to texas. more than 14,000 long shore men could walk off the job when their contract expires tomorrow in a long-running pay dispute with shippers. the biggest sticking point is over container royalties which are paid to union workers based on cargo weight. the strike could affect u.s. exports and hurt retailers waiting for shipments of spring merchandise. meantime, millions of homeowners in foreclosure in 2009 and 2010 could miss out on the chance to have their cases reviewed for possible errors and compensation. also, they don't act by monday, that's the deadline for people to request a free review as part of a settlement reached last year between u.s. regulators and 14 mortgage companies. the deadline has been extended three times due to poor response already. more than 4 million notices were mailed out, but only 356,000 homeowne
part of her negative online review of a home contractor. jackie bensen reports now, the case is only just beginning. >> a preliminary injunction is a substantial measure. they're not granted willy-nilly. >> reporter: lawyers for the contractor consider the judge's ruling a victory. >> one of the requirements that must be shown is that there's a substantial likelihood of prevailing. >> she had testified about problems. >> reporter: attorney james bacon displayed page after page of what his client's claims were botched repairs at her townhouse in the summer of 2011. they include this toilet seal, this door hinge, what are said to be numerous pits of hair and dirt in a refinished floor, damaged window sills and trash left behind. jane perez posted negative reviews about contractor christopher dietz on yelp and angie's list. she also stated that some of her jewelry went missing, and that dietz had the only other key to her house. dietz took her to court, claiming the reviews damaged his business. >> people have the right to write a review that is honest and truthful. if it's negative, bu
losing their 16-year-old in a hie-and-run crash. tarsha jackson was struck last week. jackie bensen has more. when. >> reporter: she was hit by two cars, only one stopped to help her. beautiful, fun-loving and family oriented. that's show shaneesh describes her 16-year-old sister. >> she was always smiling. laughing, making jokes. she loved all of us. but she's she was a kind person. >> reporter: a student at dun barton high school, walked out of the home and moments later was struck attempting to cross busy new york avenue at first street. police say a 2003 pontiac bonneville heading east struck her when she was in the street. she fell to the ground and was run over by a gold-colored suv that kept going. her distraught family kept vigil at her hospital bedside, but she suck culled to her injuries less than 24 hours later. her sisters and brothers go back and forth between shock and disbelief. >> she was -- >> reporter: the agony is made worse by a lack of answers about exactly what happened. >> come forward, whoever knows who did this. come forward and tell us. this is crazy. >> report
. representatives george miller and jackie spear both are with us today. our delegation has the pleasure of entering into the permanent record the life, service, legacy of ambassador stevens. additionally, a flag has been flown over the capitol by democratic leader nancy pelosi, represented by her daughter christine pelosi. this flag has been presented to the family. in celebration of ambassador stevens life and in honor of his tremendous legacy. as i mentioned, we entered into the congressional record our testimony honoring the life of ambassador john christopher stevens. in the interest of time i won't read the entire congressional record but only an excerpt. it said mr. speaker, i rise with my colleagues to honor, celebrate and remember ambassador john christopher chris stevens. a son of northern california and the bay area, ambassador stevens tragically lost his life in the greatest service to his country. selflessly and courageously representing american values in a foreign nation he knew intimately and cared for deeply. in his diplomatic capacity, ambassador stevens brought a profound and prol
. >> reporter: the head of metro's transit union says her heart goes out to the family of the victims. jackie jeter also says this shooting underscores the pleas her union has made in the past to metro for more police protection on buses. in southeast d.c., karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >>> the news edge on maryland now where an off-duty police officer was shot early this morning. the officer was in overly in baltimore county when he came upon a crowd of people in the street. it was 3:15 a.m. police say he stopped his car and asked the group to move so he could get through. that is when someone came out of the group shooting. the officer was shot twice. is he expected to survive. >>> tonight -- he is expected to survive. >>> tonight family and friends gather to remember a young man shot a year ago and pray for the suspect to be found. kevin victor wanted to be a marine and he was a standout athlete. now his brother darrius plays with kevin in mind while his family waits to hear something from police they say that have been silent more than nine months. >> he's my motivation. i do it for him
. to get 2 more news faster we turn to kron 4 is so low reporter jacki sizzle who joins us live from fire station no. 4 in walnut creek which is slated for closure. >> this is one station here in walnut creek that is slated to close in january. this is after the partial tax failed. here is video of the fire district at work. they stated that they do not have the money in the budget. this means that they will have to slash the budget by closing four stations. they stated that they should save about $3 million by doing this. which ones will be closing? station for4, no. 11, no. 12, and no. 16 and lafayette. >> the contra costa fire district is huge and its services nine cities about 600,000 people who live in the area. they get about 41 about the calls a year from the district. so this is a huge deal. the meeting will be today at 1:30 p.m. in martinez. they're encouraging the public to come autumn voice their concerns to the supervisors and we are not sure how much this will do what they're asking people to come out and support them. >> just into kron 4 news room. police are on the scene of
. it was a big day for marriage equality on friday. i need time, jacki schechner. you know i need time. i need to a turn you gay and trick you into marrying me. in the current news center. >> if you warn me, doesn't that ruin the element of surprise? >> stephanie: oh, damn it! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: just my luck. she's not easily tricked either. >> she's a smart one that jacki schechner. >> stephanie: we have a big show. we have rob reiner and the prop ownernities in the prop 8 case. >> it is great news the supreme court will take up the issue. >> stephanie: i thought you meant because you were considering my proposal. whatever. let dee in the news. >> bring me the bling. we'll talk about it. just saying. i can be bought. president obama travels to redford, michigan, today to speak at daimler detroit diesel. the company is expected to announce a $100 million plus investment that would expand u.s. production and jobs and also help them develop new technology. detroit deals has 2300 employees and it makes engines rear
will hit san francisco this week. his is called tina tight. here is our so low reporter jackie sizzle. >> teens ways are coming out right now. we are still about two hours away and you can see that the winds are starting to crash. normally it is somewhere between four and six so it is about a foot higher than what we normally see. it happens every year and this has to do with the moon, sun and the gravity. you will probably see coastal flooding and we're already seeing some of it up in the north bay. you probably will see higher water. because the tide is so high today i am sure that we will see this. a lot of >> we do have some stray showers around the bay area and we are starting to dry things out. on storm tracker 4 we're adjusting some light spread on highway 24 out of any are approaching this work. you will probably have to sit in it and use your windshield wipers. the wet weather is continuing down the 880 corridor. there will be moderate to heavy rain and this will push its way to palo alto. it is certainly going to be a fast-moving system that will push is with our south and t
expected to roll in later this morning. yesterday it flooded and the park and ride there. jackie sissel is keeping an eye on conditions this morning, i love the sign. subject to flooding. >> i was going to say if it's almost a certainty that you will see flooding out here. during the summer months we see flooding in this area of when we get high tides. this is the high tide of the entire year, today. yesterday we saw the first of the king tides role and. yesterday was 7.1, today is opposed to be 7.2 at 10 of 34. this will be of the golden gate bridge. they have warning signs out here. take a look at what a look like yesterday out here, it will be worse today. yesterday's about 3 ft. of sand and water in the parking ride. it was so bad they'd close the long run off route 21 01. we expect to see much of the same today. it is supposed to go on for the next two days. 10:34 a.m. is one we expect to see the high tide. probably the two hours after the fact we will see the flooding out here. people have been warned, they have changeable signs out here. people are parked out here. they are littl
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